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Privacy Policy

Voyaging Heart Coaching collects personal data for the purpose of communication and payment. This might include names, email addresses, payment and credit card information.

As a user of this website, one has the right to opt-out or request that data be deleted at any point. Use the contact form or the email below to communicate such changes, we'll be happy to accommodate. 


We store information for the use of our business, and have no intention of selling or loaning personal data. However, we do collect data through our analytics system to support the performance of our business and services. We also use cookies for the function and efficiency of our website use. 


Our services may contain third party connections that aren't controlled or owned by Voyaging Heart Coaching. Therefore, Voyaging Heart Coaching is not responsible for the practices under these third party outlets. We shall not directly or indirectly be liable for any damage, loss, or conflict related to these third party sites and/or services. 

We have done our best to create a safe and secure platform, however, it's impossible to guarantee the removal of cyber attacks or malicious actions. There's a risk with any online exchange of information. Please consider this before sharing your data, and know that this is a personal choice and responsibility. 

We may occasionally change or update our policies, which we'll inform you of if we do. 

Again, please contact us through the email below or the contact form if needed.  


Terms & Conditions

Voyaging Heart Coaching is the owner of this website, offering the exchange of coaching and mentoring services. Should you choose to share your data for such services, please read the above policies.

Coaching and mentoring services are not a form of therapy, and shouldn't be used as an alternative. Please make your own best judgment when determining your needs.


A coach and mentor play the role of support, however, the client is responsible for initiating the desired change. Voyaging Heart Coaching is not liable should the client be dissatisfied with their progress. A client must be accountable for their own actions. 

Both coach and client reserve the right to terminate the agreement in the case of misconduct, poor treatment, and bad behavior. 


Payment for services are collected through a secure channel offered by the website host. However, cyber attacks and fraud are always a risk when making purchases online. We are not liable for such events, so please consider this when using our website. 

 Full refunds for single payment of payment plans are available within 7 days of a purchase. This can be waived in the case of an emergency. Refunds can take anywhere from 3-7 business days. 

Payment plans provide the option of making payments over a designated period of time. A charge will be applied for the agreed time, &  until the plan expires. As the client, you understand and agree to this arrangement when choosing the payment plan option. You must notify Voyaging Heart Coaching should you choose to cancel a plan. Please be aware, refunds are only available within 7 days of a purchase. Refunds can take anywhere from 3-7 business days. This can be waived in the case of an emergency. 

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