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My connection to creativity

Jessica’s had a connection to creativity since childhood. This still remains true, however she’s since developed an even deeper understanding of what it means to be creative. This awareness started to take shape during a very specific time in her life.

For several years Jessica had been dealing with debilitating chronic pain. It left her feeling isolated and distant from the world. She kept much of this to herself, as she struggled to articulate what she was experiencing. It was during this time that art started to take on a new meaning. What was once an outlet for design alone, became sacred ground for healing. Creativity gave Jessica a sense of purpose, when much of it had been lost. It gave her an opportunity to reflect and to express herself without concern for words. It was a refuge from the pain, a place of peace and calm. This creative connection helped to change the course of her health. Ultimately shifting her outlook on the potential creativity holds, and the role it can play in all of our lives.

Jessica has since devoted herself to the practice of creativity through coaching. She’s passionate about restoring the value of creativity within society. She believes it’s one of our greatest allies in the pursuit of a more balanced, joyous, and fulfilled life.

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We’ll access your unique version of expression as a means of healing, learning, and personal growth. The approach I use is experiential primarily based on creative expression. Methods related to mind, body, and emotional wellness will also be included. As a coach and mentor I will guide you with prompts, questions, and loyal support. This approach is hands-on, with ample time for reflection and discussion.

Sessions are conducted online, however local clients also have the option to meet outdoors. This might include a walk, short hike, or connecting at a park. Each program ranges from nine to eleven weeks in length, ideally meeting once a week. In between our sessions I'll send self paced exercises. These unique exercises help to deepen the process and support greater understanding. 


"Jessica's own journey through healing, enables her to support others on their journey, with understanding & compassion." - Patricia J. Kobza, Spokane

"I would very much recommend Jessica to anyone who is searching for a creative spark, who wants to open up to new possibilities & to a happier, more enjoyable life!"

- Cat Orloff, NYC

"I enjoyed every exercise, with each week I explored them thoughtfully. But the best part was the hour with you that gave clarity, simplicity, & often a helpful perspective. I loved being introduced to new avenues of self exploration. I was thankful for your knowledgeable, calm, & attentive ability to let me "wander" now & then, and still bring our conversations to new insight."

- Leila Ball, Portland 



Certified Creativity Coach: Creativity Coaching Association

Initiatic Art Therapy Certification: Sensorimotor Art Therapy Institute 

Nature Based Therapeutic Interventions Certification: Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute              



Applied Science of Graphic Design

Massage Therapist Of Healing Arts

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