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Updated: Aug 30, 2022


How can we honor our creative nature and personal expression? How can we embody our truth, passion, purpose and intentions? How can we live and breathe as our truest & fullest self? Below are some insightful people sharing ways to do just that!!! I love everything about these examples and personal stories. We need to elevate the importance of our creativity and's vital to living an authentic life.


Sir Ken Robinson was such an amazing ambassador for creativity. He sadly passed away in 2020, and what an immense loss. I learned about him many years ago, gravitating towards his message and mission. The video below was from the early 2000's, which became hugely popular in its views. What he spoke about obviously resonated with people! He was speaking to truth, and I can only hope his words continue on through his legacy. His message still remains relevant today, if not even more so. If you haven't viewed this before, I hope you find it as inspiring and thought provoking as I did. It's hard not to be moved by it. Also, it's worth watching for his witty sense of humor...he's British!

The actor Ethan Hawke shares his take on the importance of creativity. I appreciate the way he describes creativity, speaking to its range and depth. The stories he shares are examples of how essential it is, both big and small.

Daniel Lismore embraces personal expression without fear or concern of judgment. Placing more value on authenticity over conformity. It's this type of bravery and commitment that changes the role of expression for all of us. We are limitless and full of potential!!!!!!!!!!

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