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Therapeutic Drawing & Few More Tid Bits!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

I'm currently working towards the completion of a two year art therapy program, which I'm halfway through. It's a unique training with a variety of philosophies and modalities. There's one approach in particular that's at the heart of this training called, Guided Drawing. It was created by Dr. Maria Hippius, and later passed on to Cornelia Elbrecht, an art therapist who has worked in the field for nearly 40 years. Cornelia also happens to be my art therapy facilitator, providing training for a variety of therapists and practitioners worldwide. This method is a culmination of Art Therapy, Somatic Therapy (body-focused), and Archetypal theories based on Jungian Therapy. It's a supportive practice connecting individuals to their physical bodies. It gives people the chance to move through internal blocks, bringing them up and onto the paper. It's less about artistic drawing and more about observing and expressing felt sensations & feelings in the body.

I can attest to its benefits, I currently use it as a part of my morning routine. I quietly check in with myself and anything I might be feeling that day. Last year I leaned on it as I was dealing with anxiety due to some major life changes. Each time I connected with it I noticed a release of tension, moved through emotional struggles, and found a sense of peace and grounding. It gives me a feeling of personal freedom knowing I can rely on it. It's a simple practice, but it holds a powerful impact! I am really looking forward to using it in my coaching practice. I've already considered its possibilities...I might teach it as a wellness practice, offer it to chronic pain clients & individuals dealing with emotional challenges. There's a wide range to its use, and it's a privilege to be offering it as part of my services.

Below is short video of Cornelia Elbrecht briefly explaining Guided Drawing, and providing examples of what it's like to experience it.

In other happenings...I'm happy to say that I'm hosting a expressive arts event online at the end of the month. Unfortunately it's already booked, however I'm sharing this because I hope to do more in the coming months. I have yet to fully commit to a schedule due to the unpredictability of covid. I'm still trying to navigate that, but hopefully we'll know more soon enough.

I'm also excited to share that I'll be opening my coaching & mentoring services at the beginning of March. There's no better time to bloom than spring!! I'm not clear on the exact date, but definitely come back if you're interested in a unique coaching/mentoring experience. Whether it be an event or through coaching, it would be an honor to meet and partner with you!

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